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data display engine
version 2.00

Tool for creating many different types of graphical data displays.
Available for Unix platforms and win32.
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active web pages system
version 0.91B
Cgipal is a server-side active web pages system with complete forms and cookie support, and good interaction with shell, files, and other programs. It includes a built-in pocketSQL database, and an evolving abstract interface to other databases (help wanted). CGI-based, easy to install, easy to administer, easy to distribute ready-to-run web-based applications to others. Includes several working examples. Current version is for Unix-like platforms.
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Rolobook is a web-based workgroup address book / calandar application. This is a fairly involved CGIPAL demo that you can use or embellish as you like.

Also includes

scriptpal executes cgipal-style scripts in a batch fashion from the command line, writing the result to standard output. Useful for many template-processing and report generation tasks.
version 0.91B
PocketSQL is a compact multiuser database that can be embedded in applications. It uses a subset of the SQL command language. PocketSQL features reasonable SQL functionality and it can connect easily with the shell, external programs, and files. It is small enough to link directly into programs rather than using a client-server approach (thus, pocketSQL must be invoked on the same file system that the data resides on, rather than across a network). Limitations include lack of indexing and constraints on compound logic in where-clauses. This distribution includes a command line interface and simple C language API. For a web-based interface, download cgipal (above) instead. Current version is for Unix-like platforms.
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version 1.2
Simple procedural X11 GUI box usable from shell scripts or C-callable API. Primary uses are as a popup alarm clock or as a step-by-step "wizard-like" user interface. Current version is for Unix-like platforms.
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version 0.9B
Tabular data handling toolkit. A collection of versatile utility programs to add to your bag of tricks for processing and manipulating tabular ascii data from the command line or in shell scripts. Also very useful if you are using pocketSQL (above). Current version is for Unix-like platforms. Includes scriptpal, recsel, fldsel, fldfmt, pjoin, dateconvert, xlcleaner, xlcells, and others.
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version 1.3
Utilities useful in working with MS Excel files that have been saved in tab-delimited format. xlcleaner adjusts the precision of numeric values, removes trailing blank cells, removes blank "spacer" rows and columns, etc. xlcells allows retreival of individual cells by cell address, eg 32C. Current version is for Unix-like platforms.
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